Please select the appropriate registration option below. Optionally, for an additional $50, you may also sign-up (in advance only) for a 3-ring binder of slide copies which you can write notes on. This binder weighs about 3 lbs. This optional binder will not be available for sale at the workshop and must be paid for and ordered in advance of the workshop. Choose the appropriate option if you would like a paper copy of the binder.

Payments are processed by Credit Card through PayPal.

If you need to pay with a UW budget number, please click the link HERE.

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Classification Cost (Through August 1st) Cost (From August 1st) Pay through PayPal
Student, Postdocs $100 $150

Student, Postdocs w/Paper Binder $150 $200

Academic, Govt. Non-Profit $200 $250

Academic, Govt. Non-Profit w/Paper Binder $250 $300

Industrial companies $650 $750

Industrial companies w/Paper Binder $700 $800