Contact Information

Yung-Chen Wang
Research Assistant
Department of Bioengineering
220 Mol Engr & Sci Bldg
University of Washington
Box 351653
Seattle, WA 98195-1653

Tel: (206) 616-3174
Fax: (206) 221-7451

Yung-Chen Wang

Yung-Chen Wang received his B.S. from University of California, Merced in May 2012. As an undergraduate student, he studied mucus-nanoparticle interaction and stem cell tissue engineering applications under Professor Wei-Chun Chin.

Yung-Chen joined the Castner group in Feb. 2013. He is currently working on a protein-nanoparticle characterization project using ToF-SIMS and XPS. The goal of this project is to investigate protein-nanoparticle interactions and characterize the immobilized protein's orientation, conformation and coverage.

Outside of lab, Yung-Chen enjoys reading and cooking.